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Shackleford - III (CD/12")

Shackleford - III (CD/12")

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Shackleford III is the debut full length release by, Nuneaton’s own Melodic Punks, SHACKLEFORD. With more harmonies and driven choruses than you can shake a greasy kebab at. These boys are excelling at their craft, which by listening to their earlier EP’s it’s evident they already had a firm understanding of their sound and exactly what they were doing. This is an absolute you will want to listen to on repeat. Produced and Engineered by Jon Priestley (The Damned, The Godfathers) and Mastered by Mass Giorgini (Alkaline Trio, Screeching Weasel, Anti-Flag).


  1. 3 a.m. [video]
  2. Rhetoric [video]
  3. The Attrition
  4. Dragged Along
  5. Guilt Would Creep
  6. Across The Sea
  7. On Asphodel
  8. Me & Her
  9. Plaster Saint
  10. Maybe I Broke Something Inside?
  11. That Airless Summer

Released October 1, 2021

Produced by
Jon Priestley
@ Abatis Studios

Mastered by
Mass Giorgini
@ Sonic Iguana Studios

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